The Sisterhood Projects

The Sisterhood Project launched in 2013 and continues to bring in resources to our partner organizations working in the field. Hundreds of women have contributed to this project so far, bringing in funds they have raised in their collection banks or through fundraising ideas. The collection of these funds has sparked generosity in friends, families, and neighborhoods.

So all in all, our financial goal for 2021 through The Sisterhood Project is $20,000. Ladies, together we can achieve this goal. As Pastor shared in our vision theme - a year of OVERFLOW, let’s believe that God can use what we have and make a difference in the lives of sisters here at home, in our community, and across the world. To learn more about The Sisterhood Projects and see how you can invest your time, talents and resources, contact our Sisterhood team at or visit the websites for OasisWatoto, and Eye Heart World.

Thank you for partnering with The Sisterhood Project, and for making an investment that will make a difference not only in our home but in our backyard and in our world.